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HTC Desire Z Delivery Review

The scroll ball button on my old phone was getting faulty and I thought it was time for a new phone. I wasn't about to jump on-board the Apple bandwagon like most people and get an iPhone as I am more inclined towards an android powered smart phone. I chose the HTC Desire Z for its QWERTY keyboard and here is an overview of its packaging box.

Back view of the packaging box of HTC Desire Z.

Slide open box shot of the HTC Desire Z.

The HTC Desire Z has a snug fit packaging just like most high end phones out in the market currently.

The data cable, power charger, headphones and manual are located at the bottom of the packaging box.

Here is an interesting notice printed on the packaging screen protector of the HTC Desire Z. "Please remove the device from your pants pocket before sitting down."

Here is an overview of the HTC Desire Z.

The swivel out QWERTY keypad of the HTC Desire Z.

The swivel out mechanism of the QWERTY keypad feels rather flimsy and fragile and this is the main reason why most will not pick up the HTC Desire Z. In my personal experience, every phone should be handled with care and they will serve their purpose for a substantial time duration. Pertaining to the hinge design of the HTC Desire Z, the company even released a statement explaining it was a design choice not a flaw and the hinge has been stringently tested for durability

Back view of the HTC Desire Z. The battery cover is made of brushed aluminum. It may look classy but its prone to scratches.

This is how the back of the HTC Desire Z looks like with the QWERTY keypad extended.

The HTC Desire Z with the battery cover open.

Closeup of the innards of the HTC Desire Z after removing the battery.

Overview of the HTC Desire Z and its accessories.

I have been using the HTC Desire Z for over 3 months now and I must say it is quite a versatile smart phone. As with all android devices, the rule of thumb is not to install apps that you will not use frequently so it wont bog down the performance of the device. In terms of size though, the HTC Desire Z is on the bulkier side due to the addition of a QWERTY keypad but it is still quite pocket-able even when wearing jeans. I plan on getting a protective case for the HTC Desire Z and hopefully that wont add too much bulk to it.

My Love For Life review rating for HTC Desire Z Delivery Review: 4/5

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