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Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant Delivery Review

I was looking forward to receiving my Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant after reading some of the spiritual and healing properties of jade. Here are some interesting points:

'Remedy Benefits of Jade:

# Promotes prosperity
# Harmonizer
# Opens and balances heart chakra
# Emotional healer'

My Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant took over 3 weeks to arrive from Hong Kong. Here is an overview of the delivery envelope.

Rear view of the delivery envelope. It is a pleasant surprise to find out that the envelope is the string tie variety.

Close up of the imprinted customs declaration form, CN22.

Close up of the sender/seller address details.

Close up on the string tie securing mechanism.

After untiying the string and lifting up the envelope flap, the underside of the flap was secured by adhesive.

A peek inside the delivery envelope.

Close up of the bundle of bubble wrap found within the delivery envelope.

The gift wrap mini satchel was easily removed from the bubble wrap layer by carefully pulling it through the opening of the bubble wrap bundle.

The Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant was contained in a zip lock bag inside the gift wrap.

Overview of the Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant. I was pleasantly surprised to find a golden necklace included. Most of my previous pendant purchases did not come with the necklace.

Close up of the Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant.

Close up of the golden pendant bail.

Overview of the packing materials and contents.

Truth to be told, I am happy with the delivery of my Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant. The inclusion of the necklace is a major factor in this.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Burmese Jadeite Heart Pendant Delivery Review: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

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