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Jade Bracelet Delivery Review

I bought a Jade Bracelet or Jade Bangle on ebay from a China seller. I thought I got it at a bargain but upon research it was actually selling on average price. Well after over 4 weeks of waiting, my delivery parcel has finally arrived from China. here is an overview of the delivery parcel.

Rear view of the delivery parcel. In fact this parcel is more like a delivery block!
After cutting the seal tapes, the delivery block actually consists of two styro foam blocks sandwiching the Jade bracelet in between.
Closeup on the Jade Bracelet in the packing material.

Closeup on the Jade bracelet. There are some visible cracks on the Jade bracelet.
I tried to do a macro shot on a visible crack but too bad it is not evident in the photo.
Overview of the packing material and content.

I suspect that the Jade Bracelet is of low quality as the cracks might be manufacturing defects. It could not have been damaged during delivery because of the well buffered packing material.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for the Jade Bracelet Delivery Review: 2/5

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