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Golden Necklace Delivery Review

I bought a golden necklace to be used with my jade pendants from a seller in Hong Kong. The delivery time frame was slightly over 4 weeks. Here is an overview of the delivery envelope.

Back view of the delivery envelope.
Closeup on the seller's address label.
Closeup on the imprinted customs declaration form, CN22.
A peek inside the delivery envelope.
Closeup on the enclosed note from the seller.
Closeup of the golden necklace still in sealed clear plastic bag.
Overview of the golden necklace out of the plastic bag.
Closeup on the golden necklace.
The length of the golden necklace is adequate for an average sized neck.
Overview of the packing material and contents.

Everything seems to be in order for this delivery. The golden necklace arrived in good condition but its authenticity remains shrouded in mystery. I'll just have to see how long its golden shine will last.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Golden Necklace Delivery Review: 3.5/5

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