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Revoltech Queen's Blade: Cattleya Delivery Review

It is time for another delivery review of a rare and much sought after item: Revoltech Queen's Blade Cattleya. I have been hunting down this rare and elusive Revoltech Queen's Blade Cattleya for over 2 years already at a decent selling price as all of the available stocks are sold at sky high hiked up prices. When a rerun was announced I did not hesitate to place my order. After 3 weeks of waiting, my delivery parcel has finally arrived. Here is an overview of the delivery box:
Here is another view of the delivery box from a different perspective. It is great that the delivery box arrived in good condition with no major dents and damage.
Closeup on the delivery label.
Closeup on the customs declaration form, CN22.
Closeup on the imprinted handling warning labels on the delivery box.
This is the first time I encounter an 'X-RAY CHECKED' sticker on my delivery.
Open box view showing the usage of paper buffer materials.
More paper buffers are seen after removing the top layer of buffers.
My Revoltech Queen's Blade Cattleya still in wrapping paper.
My Revoltech Queen's Blade Cattleya after removing the wrapping paper.
Rear side view of my Revoltech Queen's Blade Cattleya.
Closeup on some posing ideas printed on the box.
Closeup on my Revoltech Queen's Blade Cattleya through the packaging window.
Overview of the packaging materials and contents.

Overall I am very happy with the delivery of my Revoltech Queen's Blade Cattleya from Japan. My rare item arrived in superb condition and within the normal delivery time frame.

My Love For Life Experience Review Rating for Revoltech Queen's Blade: Cattleya Delivery Review: 5/5

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