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Dragon Phoenix Agate Pendants Delivery Review

I was looking for more feng shui enhancers and came across a pair of dragon phoenix agate pendants on auction. The dragon and phoenix are known to be two of the most powerful four celestial animals and are the perfect couple in Feng Shui. I placed my bid and won the auction. My delivery parcel arrived after 4 weeks from Hong Kong. Here is an overview of the delivery envelope:

Rear view of the delivery envelope.
The delivery envelope can be opened by lifting up the sealed flap carefully without tearing it apart.
Closeup on the imprinted customs declaration form, CN22.
A sneak peek inside the delivery envelope.
The bubble wrap bundle containing the Dragon Phoenix Agate Pendants.
Sneak peek inside the bubble wrap bundle.
Overview of the Dragon Phoenix Agate Pendants.
Closeup on the Phoenix Agate Pendant.
Closeup on the Dragon Agate Pendant.
Overview of the delivery packing materials and contents.

My Dragon Phoenix Agate Pendants arrived in good condition without any damage caused by international delivery. I just hope they will provide the luck as intended.

My Love For Life Experience Review Rating for Dragon Phoenix Agate Pendants Delivery Review: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

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