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Lenovo S100 Netbook (National Broadband Initiative) Review

A fellow colleague got hold of a Lenovo S100 netbook courtesy of the country's National Broadband Initiative program and asked me to help with the initial setup and configuration. Here is an overview review of the Leovo S100 netbook.

The outer case has a 1 Malaysia sticker on it.
The armrest has a NBI sticker as well.
The keyboard is of adequate size for basic typing but it might be a little small for people with big sized hands.
Standard Windows 7 and Intel processor stickers.
Overview of the Lenovo S100 netbook.
I am surprised it comes installed with Windows 7 Professional. usually they will only bundle entry level netbooks with Windows 7 Starter edition.
Closeup on the S100 label.
Back side of the S100.
Close up on the device label.
Front view of the battery.
Back view of the battery.
It even comes with a Dicota carry sleeve.
The battery application indicated that it can run for 4 hours and 30 mins on battery but most of these indicators are not that accurate.

For an entry level netbook, the S100 is a little sluggish running on 1 GB of ram only. But once upgraded to 4 GB it will be an adequate daily use PC. My Love For Life Review rating for Lenovo S100 Netbook (National Broadband Initiative) Review: 2.5/5

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China Buye said...

I have also S100 netbook and your blog is very helpful for me, thanks to share with us

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