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Saw V Movie Review

Last night I watched Saw 5 with my boo out of boredom. First things first, this is the first and only Saw movie I have watched. This proved to be a major handicap as I struggled to make sense of the movie's inter-winding storyline which in one way or another make references to the previous movies in the Saw series.

Saw 5 is a direct sequel of Saw 4, continuing the story even further. As a brief synopsis with no major spoilers intended, Saw 5 focuses on extreme psychotic rehabilitation "treatments" (a.k.a. gory and violent self torture) taken by self proclaimed vigilantes as a mean to pass judgment on bad people who have legally eluded justice. That sounds quite mild considering the explicit hardcore gory "torture porn" sequences that are shown frequently onscreen.

If you are bored and old enough to legally watch Saw 5, I think it is best to have seen the previous movies before hand. And if after watching the first movie compels you to continue on to find out what happens in the end, then by all means do so. Just make sure there are no minors with you then for the movies can scar them for life.

Saw 5 Movie Trailer

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating for Saw 5: 2/5

My Love For Life Review

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HermanTurnip said...

I used to really enjoy the Saw series, but then I saw Hostel 2 and found the violence just a tad too difficult to swallow. Couldn't bring myself to go see Saw V. I guess I'm getting softer as the years go by...

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