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Twilight Movie Review

I watched Twilight during the weekend with my boo and my first impression of Twilight is "Twilight=Jumper+Dracula". And with the strong focus on forbidden fantasy romance and love between a teenage girl and a dashingly handsome vampire, Twilight is a sure hit as a chick flick. Twilight has its source material from a novel of the same name written by Stephenie Meyer and is directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Twilight successfully captures the essense of "awkward" teenage high school romance with an added seductive fantasy appeal of vampires. In Twilight there is a scene where Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson), the protagonist vampire told Bella Swan(Kristen Stewart), the leading female that his kind is the world's most feared predator, where everything about him (appearance, smell, speech, strength, speed) will seduce and draw her closer to him as his prey. I think everything about Edward Cullen will have the same effect for female audiences as well. During the piggyback riding scenes my boo even suggested that I do the same for her too!

Twilight Movie Trailer

Generally I find that Twilight is a better movie with female audiences in mind though it is quite watchable for the guys as well. My Love For Life movie review rating for Twilight: 3.5/5

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

Liggy said...

I thought the book was actually a lot better, though the movie made it really nice to actually see the characters showing their teenage awkwardness. The cast played their parts really well, considering they're pretty much all supposed to be inexperienced teens dealing with feelings that are so new and unreal to them. Makes us all kinda relive the days of our youth when we felt the same kind of feelings for the first time. Plus, the movie (and the book) also lets us live out our fantasies of wanting something we're not sure we should have.

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