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Gundam OO Draft Diorama

I recently join an online diorama competition featuring OO Gundam mobile suits. A diorama is defined as follows:

"A three-dimensional miniature or life-size scene in which figures, stuffed wildlife, or other objects are arranged in a naturalistic setting against a painted background."

I manage to rally up my model kits that I want to use in my diorama and here they are in a box: HG Gundam OO, HG Overflag, HG GN-X and 2 HG Tieren Ground Types.

This is a nice spot of landscape around my house which I have chosen to be the base of my diorama.
All model kits positioned in place with Gundam OO taking center stage in the middle.
My main theme is Gundam OO in chains. Notice how the GN Swords are dislodged on the ground.
Closeup on Gundam OO binded in chains.
Custom painted white "Ghost" Tieren Ground Type securing one end of the chains.
Normal green Tieren Ground Type securing the other end of the chains.
GN-X on approach for a right side frontal attack.
Overflag on approach for a left side frontal attack.
Over the shoulder view of GN-X.
Over the shoulder view of normal Tieren Ground Type.
Over the shoulder view of white Tieren Ground Type.
Over the shoulder view of Overflag.
Right side diagonal ground level view of the diorama.
Frontal ground level view of the diorama.
Left side diagonal ground level view of the diorama.
Further left side diagonal view of the diorama.
Overview shot of the 2 Tierens securing Gundam OO.
Rear view of GN-X.
Frontal top down overview of the diorama.
Frontal ground level closeup view of the diorama.
Right side bird's eye view of the diorama.

I think the diorama still needs a lot of work as there is a lot of room for improvement. I need to take this opportunity to fine tune the model kit poses so they will be more dynamic and eye catching without spending more on modeling support goods like paint and cement. This is a good time for me to improve on my photography as well.

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