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Massive HLJ Delivery Review

Oh boy! This has got to be my largest shipment yet. I took advantage of the special time limited promotion that HLJ had going previously: pay with paypal and get free EMS shipping! But a large shipment comes with its downside too, primarily it will not go under the radar of the customs department. Truth to be told, this is the first time that I have to pay import taxes and it is quite a hefty sum as well. Anyway here is the overview of the shipment box.

Top side view of the shipment box which has HLJ's url printed.
Both the left and right sides of the shipping box have the "Handle with Care" notice printed.
The bottom side view of the box has the HLJ logo and slogan printed.
The EMS shipping label is attached to the upper top side of the box whereas the billing note or invoice of my purchases is sealed in a clear plastic bag and affixed at the lower section.
Here is a closeup on the EMS shipping label. If you look closely you can actually see the total amount of my purchases: 12404 JPY (which roughly is $150USD).
Upon lifting the first cover flap of the shipping box, I am glad that HLJ maintains its high standard of packing by using bubble air pocket protection sheets.
Here is the view of the bubble air pocket protection sheets with the shipment box open completely.
In this shot I have removed most of the protective sheets, exposing my purchases: more Gundams!
First up is my Robot Damashii Arios Gundam action figure.
Next is my Robot Damashii OO Gundam action figure.
My HCM Pro (High Complete Model Progressive) Gundam Kyrios.
My HCM Pro OO Gundam.
Now on model kits starting with my Bandai HG Gundam Exia Trans-Am Mode.
Bandai HG GN-X III A-Laws Type.
Bandai HG al Saachez's AEU Enact Custom Agrissa Type.
Bandai's 1/400 scale Gundam Collection Neo2 trading figures 15 in a set.
This I bought out of curiosity: Infinite Air Cushion! Here is the item description taken from HLJ:
"Love to pop bubble wrap? This ingenious device lets you enjoy the same sensation! Press its buttons, over and over and over--unlike bubble wrap, the poppin' fun doesn't run out. It even makes popping sounds! Plus, if popped continuously for a couple of minutes, it makes random "surprise" sounds like a dog bark or door chime. This version is light pink with matching buttons, and a loop of ball chain is attached to help keep it close by. Two LR41 button batteries are required (test batteries are included)."
My first Macross Frontier model kit: Bandai's 1/72 scale of VF-25G.
Another big box: my Bandai 1/400 scale NZ-333 Alpha-Azieru diorama model kit.
Here is an overview of all my purchases stacked up so you can compare their sizes better.
I took a picture of the bubble air pocket protection sheets because I am still impressed with HLJ's packing.
Another overview shot of my purchases.
Despite being taxed close to 20% of the total cost, I can still calm myself down because I have already saved more than that amount because of the free EMS shipping promotion. Now I need to find time to spend on the new additions and also a good space to display them.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Massive HLJ Delivery: 4/5 (Could have been a 5/5 if not for the customs tax).

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

I hope you don't throw away the box. It is still in good condition and good for storing those toys

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