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Byino Tourbillon Watch Delivery Review

Recently my conventional cell powered watch is not keeping correct time due to low battery. I just changed a new battery about 8 months ago. I was not inclined to wear my previous Seiko Kinetic or my Citizen Eco-Drive watches. So I looked around for reliable automatic mechanical watches and decided to go with China watches. I ordered a Byino Tourbillon watch through ebay and it has finally arrived after more than 3 weeks of waiting. Here is the overview of the delivery box.

Bottom side view of the box.

Closeup on the customs declaration form.

I think this label states the details of the sender.

Postage cost and timestamp.

Box open view.

Adequate amount of bubble wrap was used to secure the watch in the delivery box.

Here is the Byino Tourbillon Watch unwrapped.

Here is a closeup on the Byino Tourbillion Watch.

I have been using the Byino Tourbillon Watch for over 2 weeks now and it does a decent job of keeping correct time. I think I will go into the details later when I review the Byino Tourbillon Watch.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Byino Tourbillon Watch Delivery: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

3 Life quote shouts:

stealthninjax2 said...

I'm interested in that watch as well, keep us updated, thanks. I've looked on ebay and those byino watches are the best cheap ones.

John said...

I just ordered that same watch off of ebay its nice to see a good review .I hope mine is as good as yours .keep me posted

John said...


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