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HCM Pro Freedom Gundam Delivery Review

This time the delivery is actually for my friend. I helped him to get a HCM Pro Freedom Gundam internationally and boy it was hard to come by! The HCM Pro Freedom Gundam is sold out almost everywhere so I had to pay a premium price to get it. It took around 3 weeks to reach me from the date of shipping. Here is the overview of the delivery parcel.

Here is the bottom side view of the parcel. I have to say it feels rather flimsy, I just hope this is not a sign of what's to come after I unwrap it.

Closeup on the postage cost and detail.

Closeup on the customs declaration form.

After carefully unwrapping the outer wrapping paper, I am shocked to see that the seller did not use any cardboard box to pack the item.

As you can see, the seller only wrap the item with bubble wrap then package the whole thing using green brown paper.

It kinda looks ok from this angle but we will never know until I unwrap it.

First layer of bubble wrap unwrapped. At least the seller used 2 layers of bubble wrap.

Here is the actual HCM Pro Freedom Gundam box finally unwrapped. Oh man now I see some damage at the bottom of the box.

Here is a closeup on the damaged area of the box.

Rear view of the HCM Pro Freedom Gundam box.

I think the seller could have improved on the packing by using cardboard box. With the damage sustained on the HCM Pro Freedom Gundam's box, IMHO the seller had overcharged me on shipping.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for HCM Pro Freedom Gundam delivery: 2/5

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