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Gundam OO HCM Pro Delivery Review

I never thought that I was going to collect HCM-Pro (High Complete Model - Progressive) figures, let alone getting the complete second season main Gundams of Gundam OO. Well, I overdid it again by doing just that. And after waiting for over a week my order has finally arrived. This is the small packet delivery box containing my orders.

The seller has reused the shipping box for Bandai's White Action Base to pack my orders.

Side view of the packing box. Good thing the seller applied ample amount of sealing tape to secure the box.

This is the side of the box where the delivery label is affixed.

Here is a closeup on the delivery label.

Open box shot! Standard newspaper as buffer material inside the box.

Here is the view after removing the newspaper buffers.

First up is the Mobile Suit In Action (MSIA) figure of Gundam Throne Eins.

Rear view of the box of MSIA Gundam Throne Eins.

Next up is the HCM Pro OO Gundam.

Rear view of the box of HCM Pro OO Gundam.

The HCM Pro O Raiser which can combine with the HCM Pro OO Gundam to form the HCM Pro OO Raiser.

Rear view of the box of HCM Pro O Raiser.

HCM Pro Cherudim Gundam which is a long range sniper unit.

Rear view of HCM Pro Cherudim Gundam.

Next up is the G-Box special release of HCM Pro Arios Gundam + GN Archer. The GN Archer is fixed to its mobile armor mode hence not transformable.

Rear view of G-Box HCM Pro Arios Gundam + GN Archer.

The last but not least of the main Gundams of Gundam OO second season is the HCM Pro Seravee Gundam which is essentially 2 units in 1.

Rear view of the HCM Pro Seravee Gundam.

Overview of the MSIA and HCM Pro orders.

I am very pleased with the delivery of my order this time around with minimal damage sustained on the actual items. Now I need to find room to display them.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Gundam OO HCM Pr Delivery: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

HermanTurnip said...

Nice to see the boxes arrived is such good condition. You really need to post some pics of your entire collection!

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