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The Haze Is Back... Again

"Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy..." and when I look outside the window I see the haze is back. Darn it! This time it is much thicker than before as I can smell smoke even from inside the house. Sure the local papers are putting the uncontrolled and irresponsible act of open burning as the headline news but I wonder if that is enough to push the authorities into gear and come out quickly with a remedial solution. Well this is what I saw this morning when looking out from my front door.

The start of my driving journey to the office. Visibility was about 20 meters at best.

Unlike some motorists I turned on my lights when driving as a safety precaution.

At least the roads near my neighborhood had minimal traffic this morning.

While waiting at the traffic lights junction, I managed to snap this pic of a new commercial building nearby shrouded in haze.

In this pic you can see that even a heavy vehicle did not switch on its lights during this low visibility driving conditions.

More haze blocking visibility as I headed towards the city.

Can barely make out the outlines of the trees in this pic.

Clear roads ahead but better drive slowly.

I just realized in this pic that the street lights were off this morning. The authorities should have turned them on instead.

More underutilized street lights.

Wisma Pelita Tunku, the first high rise building in my town, shrouded in haze.

Driving conditions at the road bypass.

Waiting at the second traffic lights junction.

At this point, the haze seemed to be getting even denser.

Just take a look at that heavy haze!

Visibility has gone down a couple of notches again.

This is extreme low visibility.

View at the second flyover bypass road. Notice how the car in the picture did not have its lights on.

I was surprised to see a pedestrian out in the open without a face mask on.

More heavy haze.

Thick heavy haze sighted.

Just take a look at the sun in this pic.

View from the window of the office building.

Just when will this haze occurrence cycle end? It is strange how they pick the dry season to do open burning to make the situation even more unpleasant. Sure the fire gets going easier during the dry season but the damage caused is not worth the monetary gains from this irresponsible act.

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