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Hong Kong Revoltech and Nendoroid Delivery Review

Here is another round of Revoltech and Nendoroid batch delivery review. Here is an overview of the shipping package. It is wrapped in green paper with a mild coating of wax to prevent very mild water damage.

Bottom side view of the shipping package.

I love this nice touch: a custom made fragile sticker featuring a pig!

Always nice when the seller opted to use postage stamps for delivery.

Closeup on the customs declaration label.

Here is the package after unwrapping the outer green wrapping paper.

It may not be evident but this is actually a 2 in 1 box stuck together by cello tape in the middle.

Here is a closeup on the most damaged area of the box.

This is how the boxes look like after being separated.

Another view of the boxes from a different perspective.

First box open view.

This is the box which sustained the most damage and as you can ee in the following picture, the bottom area is quite squashed.

The first box contained two Revoltech figures, the first one being limited Revoltech Brocken (OVA Version).

The items in the first box are wrapped together with bubble wrap. From this view, you might be able to make out the other Revoltech figure which is Revoltech Jun.

Second box open shot. You can clearly see Nendoroid Yagami Light.

From this angle, you can see Revoltech Street Fighter Online (SFO) He Tie Shou.

Closeup on Nendoroid Yagami Light still wrapped in bubble wrap.

Closeup on Revoltech SFO He Tie Shou.

Rear view of Revoltech SFO He Tie Shou.

Closeup on Nendoroid Yagami Light.

Rear view of Nendoroid Yagami Light.

Extreme closeup on Nendoroid Yagami Light's face.

Closeup on Nendoroid Yagami Light.

Note: To distinguish between genuine and fake Nendoroid Yagami Light kindly look for a shiny reflective sticker on the packaging box. Those without the sticker are probably fake unless the seller is itchy to peel off the identifying stickers.

Also note the distributor sticker label on the back of the box to further prove its authenticity.

Closeup on limited Revoltech Brocken (OVA Version).

Rear view of the limited Revoltech Brocken (OVA Version). Do note that the box art design here shows the regular Revoltech Brocken which is grayish blue in color instead of maroon red.

Closeup on limited Revoltech Brocken (OVA Version). I need to earn more money so I can get myself a proper camera. My current entry level Olympus cant handle macro shots properly.

Closeup on Revoltech Jun.

Rear view of Revoltech Jun with flash on.

Rear view of Revoltech Jun with flash off.

Closeup on Revoltech Jun with flash off. If you look closely there is actually a beer mug included as an accessory. Jun is a rabbit who drinks beer!

Closeup on Revoltech Jun. I think this facial expression is when Jun is drunk...

Overview of my Revoltechs and Nendoroid batch delivery. Biggest box goes to Nendoroid Yagami Light while smallest box goes to Revoltech SFO He Tie Shou.

I am quite pleased with this batch delivery of Revoltech and Nendoroid. The items are in good condition and the seller packed with proper protection.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Hong Kong Revoltech and Nendoroid Delivery Review: 4/5

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