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HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock Delivery Review

I ordered a HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock for my friend Haiqal in the beginning of February 2010. After nearly 3 weeks of waiting the postal notice for the small packet delivery has finally arrived at my doorstep. Here is an overview of the delivery package.

The delivery is from Hong Kong and like most of my previous Hong Kong deliveries it was wrapped in green packing paper. Lets just hope that the seller used another layer of hard cardboard underneath the green packing paper.

Here is a closeup on the customs declaration label affixed to the delivery package.

The seller opted to use conventional postage stamps which is good. Kinda makes me want to start collecting stamps again.

A closeup on another postal stamp used featuring the white wagtail bird.

Side view of the delivery package. From this angle you can see some depression at the middle of the package. I just hope its nothing serious.

After carefully unwrapping the green packing paper it is a good thing the seller used a layer of cardboard to protect the HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock with.

But looking back at the side angle previously we can see that the depression at the middle is still there.

This is how the HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock looks like after removing the layer of cardboard. Nice to know that the seller actually paid attention to my notes requesting for bubble wrap and hard cardboard to be used for packing. Too bad the cardboard used was not hard enough to prevent the depression damage.

Rear view of the HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock still in bubble wrap.

Overview of the packing materials and the HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock.

Overall I am pleased with the delivery of the HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock. The seller has paid attention to my delivery notes by using cardboard and bubble wrap for packing. It is a shame that the rough handling of the postal workers caused a mild depression on the box of the HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for HCM Pro Gundam Sandrock delivery: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

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