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Jade Gourd Pendant Delivery Review

Ah yes, you can never have enough of Jade gourd pendants as health feng shui enhancers and cures. I bought this Jade Gourd Pendant from a seller in Hong Kong and my delivery parcel arrived after 3 weeks of waiting. here is an overview of the delivery parcel.

Back view of the delivery parcel.
Closeup on the imprinted customs declaration form, CN22.
Closeup on the seller's address label.
Here is a sneak peek inside the delivery parcel.
The bundle of Styrofoam wrap containing my Jade Gourd Pendant.
After removing the Styrofoam wrap, my Jade Gourd Pendant is sealed inside a clear zip lock bag.
Closeup on my Jade Gourd Pendant.
Overview of the delivery packing materials and contents.

All in all the delivery of my Jade Gourd Pendant is hassle free and as expected. Minimal but adequate packing materials were used to ensure my Jade Gourd Pendant was properly protected during transit to avoid damage.

My Love For Life Experience Review Rating for Jade Gourd Pendant Delivery Review: 3/5

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