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Ghost Rider Movie Review

Ghost Rider was released in the cinemas on February 16, 2007. This superhero movie adaptation of the fictional Marvel Comics character Ghost Rider stars Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider and Eva Mendes as his romantic interest Roxanne Simpson.

Here is the Ghost Rider plot in a nutshell. Guy gave his soul to the devil to heal his father's chronic disease. The father recovered from the illness but then died in an accident during a bike stunt. Several years later, the devil returns to collect the debt from the guy: to become the Ghost Rider a.k.a. the devil's bounty hunter.

The major part of Ghost Rider is centering on the action sequences during the good-bad guy (Ghost Rider) vs the bad guy fights. The CGI effects is great, especially when Johnny Blaze transforms into the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is an OK movie, watch it if you got nothing better to watch.

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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