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Kelly Clarkson: My December Music Review

Being the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has build up a remarkable career as a recording artist. Her much anticipated third studio album, My December will be released on June 26, 2007.

Every track in My December either has been written or co-written by Kelly Clarkson herself. My December is the first album that Kelly Clarkson has steered the musical direction of. My December is said to be anti-commercial compared to her previous releases, with more negative and dark tones in the tracks.

Having heard My December for at least 10 times, I have to say that Kelly Clarkson has outdone herself yet again with another great album! The songs in My December might be darker than her previous offerings but Kelly Clarkson's vocal talents and musical prowess in the performance of the songs has risen above everything else.

Here is the complete track listing of My December:

1. "Never Again" (Clarkson/Messer) - 3:36
2. "One Minute" (Clarkson/Dioguardi/Maida) - 3:05
3. "Hole" (Clarkson/Messer/Baker) - 3:01
4. "Sober" (Clarkson/Eubanks/McEntire/Messer) - 4:50
5. "Don't Waste Your Time" (Clarkson/Messer/Pardon/Rinman) - 3:35
6. "Judas" (Clarkson/Messer/Baker) - 3:36
7. "Haunted" (Clarkson/Messer/Halbert) - 3:18
8. "Be Still" (Clarkson/Eubanks) - 3:24
9. "Maybe" (Clarkson/Messer/Eubanks) - 4:22
10. "How I Feel" (Clarkson/Messer/Baker/Kahne) - 3:40
11. "Yeah" (Clarkson/Messer/Pardon/Rinman) - 2:42
12. "Can I Have a Kiss" (Clarkson/Messer/Baker) - 3:29
13. "Irvine" (Clarkson/Eubanks) - 4:15

My favorites in My December include Never Again, One Minute, Sober, Don't Waste Your Time, Judas, Be Still, Maybe, How I Feel, Yeah, Can I Have A Kiss and Irvine.

Never Again

One Minute



Don't Waste Your Time



Be Still


How I Feel


Can I Have A Kiss


My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 4/5

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