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Ikea Lersta Floor Lamp Review

I got my second Ikea lamp, the Lersta Floor Lamp thanks to my sis. The Lersta was brought back to me by my uncle who was visiting the capital for some leisure time at a major entertainment resort and as you can see from the photo it was checked in during his return flight. Luckily the Lersta box did not suffer any damage during transport.

Ikea is renowned to have good packing for its products and the Lersta is no exception. From the side the packing box of the Lersta is shaped like the letter "L".

The head of the Lersta is housed in the bigger portion of the shipment box on the left where as the base and connecting neck are housed in the right portion.

Opening the shipment box can be done from either side. Just carefully lift out the securing flaps from their respective slits and open up the side box panels.

With the box opened, you can see the head of the Lersta and the other components housed inside the box.

An overview shot of the Lersta components which consist of the circular base, the lower neck, the upper neck and lastly the head. The power plug and the on/off switch are built into the upper neck component of the Lersta.

A closeup on the completed picture on the Lersta found on the packing box. The inclusion of this is a very nice touch as anyone can clearly see what the content of the box is.

Front page of the Lersta assembly instruction manual.

The 1st and 2nd page of the Lersta assembly instruction manual which highlight the warnings and precautions during assembling and operating the Lersta.

Pages 3 and 4 of the Lersta assembly instruction manual containing easy to follow instructional diagrams for steps 1, 2 and 3 of the assembly process.

Pages 5 and 6 highlight the fourth and fifth steps respectively.

The last page 7 of the Lersta assembly instruction manual details step 6 which is the last step of the assembly process.

This is the base of the Lersta. It is quite heavy so it can keep the Lersta sturdy. I really like the steel finish.

The lower neck of the Lersta is attached to the base via a screw joint.

Photo of the lower neck joint attached to the foundation base of the Lersta.

Next is to attach the upper neck component to the Lersta. The lower neck component is attached to the upper neck also via a screw joint.

Overview of the Lersta assembly progress so far: base+lower neck+upper neck assembled.

The Lersta can be assembled with or without attaching the head. To assemble without the head, just unscrew the securing plastic ring from the light source holder...
And place the white plastic ring on the light source holder...

Before securing it in place by replacing back the securing plastic ring.

To assemble the head, just place the head on the light source holder before placing the white plastic ring and the securing plastic ring. Again I really like the polished metallic finish on the head of the Lersta.

View of the inside of the Lersta head without any light source installed.

View of the inside of the Lersta head with light source installed. I have installed an energy saving light bulb onto the Lersta by screwing it in place firmly.

The moment of truth, time to switch the Lersta Floor Lamp on! With the presence of the Lersta Floor Lamp in my living room, I think my living room has just gotten classier.

So far I am not disappointed with any lighting products from Ikea. My Lersta Floor Lamp is a great addition to my living room which provides both functionality and aesthetic appeal to my home. I highly recommend it.

My Love For Life Household review rating for Ikea Lersta Floor Lamp: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

HermanTurnip said...

We have an IKEA lamp in our office. IKEA tends to use odd bulbs, and finding replacements can prove to be a bit difficult. In fact, we're heading over to one of their stores this weekend in hopes of picking up a few. *fingers crossed*

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