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O Jerusalem Movie Review

I watched O Jerusalem with my cousin last Saturday. He just got a new car and he drove by to my house for a spin. I was not going to watch O Jerusalem on my own so it was good timing that he came over.

O Jerusalem is a Belgian war drama movie directed by Elie Chouraqui and produced by Jeffrey Konvitz. O Jerusalem stars JJ Feild and Saïd Taghmaoui as strangers who became the best of friends. Bobby Goldman (JJ Feild) is an American Jew whereas Saïd Chahine (Saïd Taghmaoui) is an Arab and their relationship became tarnished soon after the U. N. voted for the Partition Plan for Palestine, essentially dividing Palestine into two provisional states, one Jewish and the other Arab.

Even though I generally do not watch war historical movies, I find that O Jerusalem can appeal to the general audience in the sense that it focuses on human emotional drama. The lives of the friends, families and lovers of the two main protagonists are very well depicted and compliment the main story plot very well. The violence and brutality of war and human conflict are not over glorified and provide a close to reality perspective and a sense of realism to the audience.

O Jerusalem Movie Trailer

If you enjoy historical dramas like my cousin then you will like O Jerusalem. If you are just curious about the movie I recommend that you watch it on a rental. My Love For Life movie review rating for O Jerusalem: 3/5

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