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Xecty S.O.F.T. Normal Version Delivery Review

I received an EMS parcel from Japan again yesterday. This is the fastest shipping so far as the seller posted the parcel on Friday and I got the delivery arrival notification slip the next Monday afternoon. I am surprised that the parcel got delivered via international flight during the weekend as I previously had thought that they only deliver during work days.

Here is the photo of the EMS parcel. Looks intact with no visible damage here.

From the diagonal top to bottom view here you can see the wordings "The Fastest and Most Reliable International Postal Service".

From the right side of the EMS parcel, it is evident that it has been opened up by the customs department for checking. The brown tape used by the customs department to reseal the parcel is applied rather sloppily though.

My Xecty out of the EMS parcel. It is good that the seller has bubble wrapped my Xecty for some protection but I rather he used some hard cardboard too. I have left the seller instructions to protect my item using cardboard material but obviously he has ignored it.

My Xecty finally out of the bubble wrap. From the front view there seems to be no visible damage.

The back view of my Xecty box. I cant help but notice some stress marks at the top right of the box.

A closeup on the stress marks on the box. I think this is already present before shipping as based on the condition of the EMS parcel, the content should not have suffered this type of damage during transit.

An overview of my Xecty together with the EMS parcel and packing material. The EMS parcel is made entirely of paper and therefore it is rather fragile with no water protection. It makes me wonder why a premium postal service would use a flimsy parcel to delivery goods with...

Closeup of my Xecty. There are some nub marks on the transparent plastic sides due to depression and handling during transit probably. This could have been avoided if the seller added a piece of cardboard to shield this side of the box.

Expect a detailed review on my Xecty in the future. Generally I am quite satisfied with the delivery of my Xecty from Japan. As I have mentioned before, I am a repeat customer of this seller who is located in Japan so I can be sure that my purchase is genuine rather than a sub standard knock off. I am glad that my Xecty arrived in better shape than my Figma Rin and Figma Ren which are also from the same seller.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Xecty S.O.F.T. normal version delivery: 3.5/5

My Love For Life Review

2 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

It's quite annoying that the custom check on everything nowaday. Lucky you don't get taxed by them

HermanTurnip said...

Argh! I hate it when there's damage to the box. What the heck? Couldn't they at least have thrown a layer of bubblewrap lengthwise and widthwise? That would have offered better protection. Nice piece though!

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