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Figma Rin and Figma Len Delivery Review

I bought Figma Rin Kagamine and Figma Len Kagamine from an ebay seller based in Japan earlier last month. His shipping was extremely fast as the items were sent on Monday and I received them on Thursday noon time. Last time I checked he was using EMS delivery for all of his items on ebay. This is the EMS package that I receive containing my Figmas.

Rear view of the EMS package. The package has been opened up for customs inspection and resealed back rather messily with brown tape.

Side view of the EMS package. I have a feeling that I am not going to like what I am going to see upon opening the EMS parcel. The parcel itself is made out of paper and it is rather flimsy. From the looks of it one side of the parcel seems to be severely squashed (right side in the pic).

Overview of EMS package and Figma contents. The Figmas are bubble wrapped rather securely for added protection.

Closeup view of bubble wrapped Figmas. In this pic you can see that Figma Len Kagamine (right) is not wrapped with a thin white piece of paper where Figma Rin Kagamine (left) is.

Bubble wrap unwrapped exposing the Figmas. Figma Rin Kagamine is still wrapped in a thin layer of white paper.

Upon a closer look at my Figma Len Kagamine box, it is revealed that it has sustained quite a bit of beating. From the diagonal top down rear view of the Figma box it is evident that a certain level of crumpling has been inflicted.

At the left side view of the Figma Len Kagamine box, damage can been seen on the top and bottom areas.

Closeup of Figma Rin Kagamine still wrapped in thin white paper.

Figma Rin Kagamine unwrapped. The box is clearly warped at the top and right side.

Bottom side view of the squashed damage done to my Figma Rin Kagamine box.

Top down right side top diagonal view of my Figma Rin Kagamine box. From this angle the damage done is clearly shown. This level of damage done to the box is unrepairable and thus permanent.

Top down right side bottom diagonal view of my Figma Rin Kagamine box. I am feeling pretty bad now :(

Rear view of Figma Rin Kagamine box. Damage seen at the top and left side of the box in this pic.

Overview of Figma Len Kagamine and Figma Rin Kagamine.

Previously I had ordered a Nendoroid Len Kagamine from the same seller but the package arrived less battered than this one. In both cases, I have specifically instructed the seller to use hard cardboard to protect the items from damage during shipment. And in both cases my instructions have been ignored. Despite all that I still give the seller positive feedback on this transaction due to his speedy delivery and combined shipping discount.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Figma Rin and Figma Len delivery: 2/5

My Love For Life Review

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