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Nendoroid Shipment Review

I was not planing on getting more nendoroid collectible figures after my first Nendoroid Len Kagamine as I got it at a steal literally. But now I know I seriously need to keep my buying impulses under control as I had bid and won two more nendoroids on ebay: Nendoroid Yako Katsuragi and Nendoroid Misa Amane. These nendoroids are from the same seller whom I bought my Figma Rin and Figma Len from previously which had poor packing. I guess either I haven't learn my lesson yet or the selling price of these nendoroids were just too tempting for me to resist. As for shipping, its EMS all the way from this seller which is a positive as it took 4-5 days for my nendoroids to reach me from Japan. Here is the overview shot of the parcel. At first glance I quickly notice the yellowish stain at the lower left side of the parcel. Lets hope this is not a sign of things to come...

A closeup shot of the stain on the parcel. I think that this is caused by a wet and rusty metal container during transport.
This damaged area looks more serious than the previous one. I hope my nendoroids are still in good condition inside.
Rear overview of the parcel. Again the water damage stain can be seen on the lower right side.
My nendoroids out of the EMS parcel. The seller still refuse to use any hard cardboard padding for extra protection. At least he wrapped my nendoroids with bubble wrap quite meticulously.
Closeup shot of my nendoroids still in bubble wrap.
My nendoroids finally out from the bubble wrap. My Nendoroid Yako Katsuragi (left) fair much worse than my Nendoroid Misa Amane (right). That is because Yako was located at the water damaged area of the parcel.
Rear view of my nendoroids. Minor dents and folds on the boxes cannot be seen in this picture though.
Closeup on the damage done on Nendoroid Yako Katsuragi's box. I think the damage level this time is consider quite mild compared to what happened to my Figma Rin previously.

Will I stop buying from this seller after this? Probably not as now and then I get some items at lower than retail prices with shipping included. My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Nendoroid Shipment: 3/5

My Love For Life Review

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