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HLJ 2nd Shipment Delivery Review

After more or less 15 days of waiting since its sent date, my 2nd HLJ shipment has finally reached my home. The hard cardboard box appears to be a little beat up but its nothing to complain about though. Same high standards of packing as expected from HLJ with every loose opening from the box sealed with brown tape. The customs declaration label is nicely incorporated with the shipping address label to assist in the customs checking process. Unlike most ebay sellers, HLJ can't and will not help to declare the value of the items lower than the actual price to avoid or reduce import tax. This is due to the fact that they are operating as a registered business company and will get penalized severely if found out.

Left side view of the shipping box with "Handle With Care" prominently displayed. I wonder if the postal workers pay any heed to the warnings labeled on any of the shipping items nowadays. Most probably they will ignore them and just handle the items as how they see fit.

Bottom side view of the shipping box with HLJ's logo and url clearly printed. This side of the box appears to be in the worst condition compared to the other sides. Notice how the right side of the box is a little dented.

Top side view of the shipping box with the same printing design as the bottom side view previously.

Here is a closeup view of the Japan postal stamping on the box.

This is the customs stamping label which states that this box was released from the customs department on 25 June 2009. You can also see "Small Packet" and "SAL" stamping labels in red which show the parcel type and delivery method respectively.

The HLJ shipping box is opened up to reveal... Figma Seto Sun which is stacked on top of another Figma.

My Figma Seto Sun and another one (still obstructed in the pic) out of the shipping box. Notice the clear shrink wrap done to the Figma boxes which comes standard with all items shipped by HLJ. If I am to guess I bet that they included a hard cardboard at the bottom of the shrink wrap for extra protection and to prevent the items from moving around in the box during transit.

Bottom side view of my Figmas. Now you can clearly see my Figma Doala Home Version which is below Figma Seto Sun. Notice too the hard cardboard at the very bottom included for extra protection.

Left side view of my Figmas.

Top side view of my Figmas.

Right side view of my Figmas.

Rear view of the shrink wrap clearly showing the hard cardboard.

Overview of HLJ delivery box and shrink wrap Figmas.

This is the 2nd time I have ordered from HLJ and the great condition of my Figmas upon arrival just gives me more assurance of the high quality of packing standards done by the fantastic people at HLJ. Without a doubt I will definitely be a returning customer of HLJ.

My Love For Life Experience Review of HLJ 2nd Shipment Delivery: 4.5/5

My Love For Life Review

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