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Heavy Haze In The City Review

As a follow up to my previous post on Open Burning In Miri Sarawak Malaysia, now I am going to highlight the consequence of that irresponsible act. The city has been engulfed in dense haze for about a week, causing respiratory health hazard risks to sky rocket off the charts. There have been talks about initiating a cloud seeding operation to induce artificial rain but so far no action has been carried out. Luckily there have been a couple of natural light drizzle from above to provide a breath of fresh air (literally) but the haze would return the very next day. Just check out the pics and see the damage done for yourself.

Haze drastically reducing visibility on the road near my work place.

Even the mighty Sun is being hampered by the haze.

View of the dense haze at the open car park area of a prominent hypermarket.

Thick and smoggy haze covering the highway.

I think visibility was down to 30 meters in this pic.

A shot of the long straight highway ahead.

Everything was so smokey.

One needs to drive slowly and carefully under these conditions.

Trees by the roadside shrouded in the haze.

Motorists traveling on motorcycles ought to be wearing face masks.

Electric power tower being surrounded by haze.

Even the forest area near the road were hard to be seen.

A landslide hill area being covered by the haze.

Haze condition at the traffic light junction.

Haze condition in the urban area of the city. Notice the white police patrol car on the left of the picture.

View of the city from the road.

Whenever I was out in the open I made it a point to wear a face mask. Even on weekend mornings I wore my face mask to the market and only took it off to have my breakfast. I could actually smell the smoke each time I took off the face mask which was terrible. People coughing and sneezing were a common sight during these times. Better to just stay home, close all the windows and doors and switch on the air conditioner.

My Love For Life Experience review rating for Heavy Haze In The City: 1/5

My Love For Life Review

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Borneo Falcon said...

Man, the haze is bad over your place

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