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Open Burning in Miri Sarawak Malaysia

I was away for a business trip to Singapore for one week and when my plane reached Miri airspace I was flabbergasted at what I saw: thick haze covering the air with prominent open burning at the outskirts of the city. How can these irresponsible acts be allowed out in the open on a massive scale?! The authorities must be blind and holed up in a secluded cave somewhere for not noticing this outrageous act of pollution! This earlier shot shows the smoky atmosphere.

Visibility is quite bad being hampered by the haze and smoke.

This one is very obvious depicting the fumes of smoke rising from the open burning.

Closeup on the open burning area.

Notice how the open burning has left a trail of charred earth as the fire went through the forestry growth.

From this shot several smaller scale open burning can be seen from various areas.

Another group of open burning being conducted very near to a dense forest area.

What the heck are those culprits thinking by polluting the air and making health hazards for all living things nearby?

This shot might provide the answer: clear the land for Oil Palm plantation estate for their own selfish financial gain at the cost of others.

Those fumes are toxic and dark gray in color.

This is really shocking and disappointing.

I wish I have a way to stop and prevent this from happening but all of my reports to the authorities have been brushed aside and ignored.

They will probably blame all the resulting consequences on some natural phenomenon like El-Nino and brush themselves off of all responsibility.

Even though there are laws preventing open burning they are not being enforced.

This is just utterly terrible. I am angry but I do not know where to vent it off. Going to the authorities is futile and the ruling government does not give a damn about this so long as the get their cut of the money pie off of the Oil Palm plantation profits.

My Love For Life Experience Review rating for Open Burning in Miri Sarawak Malaysia: 0/5

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4 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

Cool. You capture this on the plane

Whisper said...

Nice photo. I love Malaysia. Will tour next year :)

Joanne Suraya said...

Hey there,
I'm a geography student and I'm doing my research on haze, open burning etc... You have some really amazing air photos & I was wondering if I could use some of them for my report..
If you could email me at i would really appreciate it!
Keep up with the good work!

xsigns said...


Yes you can use the photos in your report. Thanks for asking first!

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