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Bedtime Stories Movie Review

I was looking for a feel good movie to watch with my boo last night and I stumbled upon the DVD of Bedtime Stories. I bought it last month and had forgotten all about it until I saw it in my drawer, still mint in the Speedy shopping bag. Without further delay, I took the disc out from its case and popped it in the DVD player.

Bedtime Stories is a family oriented comedy movie with some fantasy twist added to the main plot. I was surprised to find out that Bedtime Stories is affiliated with Walt Disney Pictures as it is produced by Happy Madison which is Adam Sandler's production company. Previously Happy Madison did not produce any family oriented movies which were suitable for younger audiences and hence Bedtime Stories marks Adam Sandler's first foray in a family oriented movie.

Bedtime Stories Movie Trailer

In Bedtime Stories Adam Sandler stars as a hotel handyman, Skeeter Bronson who is looking forward to become hotel manager based on a promise made by his father Marty (Jonathan Pryce) with the current hotel owner Mr. Nottingham (Richard Griffiths). Without spoiling the main plot of Bedtimes Stories too much, the movie is about how the bedtime stories Skeeter told with the help of his nephew and niece came to be realized in his life. Bedtime Stories is fun to watch and there are a few scenes which just do not make any sense at all.

Watch Bedtime Stories if you are looking for some light hearted family entertainment. My Love For Life movie review rating for Bedtime Stories: 3/5

My Love For Life Review

1 Life quote shouts:

Anonymous said...

That was actually a pretty good movie. I saw it awhile ago, but I remember I liked it.

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