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Seven Pounds Movie Review

I managed to watch three movies last weekend, two with my boo and one with my cousin. Seven Pounds is one of the two movies that I watched with my boo. Here is my review of Seven Pounds.

When I first saw the trailer of Seven Pounds I thought it was going to be similar to The Pursuit of Happyness. Another drama movie starring Will Smith. But after 20 minutes into Seven Pounds I knew that this is a totally new movie experience. In Seven Pounds, Will Smith stars as Tim Thomas, an aeronautical engineer who fell into despair after he caused a car crash killing seven people including his fiancée Sarah Jenson (Robinne Lee). From then onwards, Tim had set himself on a self sacrificial mission to save seven lives by donating his own organs.

Seven Pounds Movie Trailer

Seven Pounds is full of powerful human emotions. Will Smith does a great job of playing Tim Thomas, a man in despair who thought about dying everyday. And the onscreen romance between him and Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson) is very heart touching (literary as you will need to watch Seven Pounds to find out yourself) and yet saddening in the end. I highly recommend Seven Pounds as a good drama movie which manages to portray powerful human emotions and yet stay realistically close to life.

My Love For Life movie review rating for Seven Pounds: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

2 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like a must watch movie for me too

Gloria said...

I just read your blog and the review of the movie Seven Pounds. I can't believe you gave away the ending!!! Are you kidding? Will Smith did a nationwide tour when the movie first appeared in theaters and was VERY careful NOT to reveal the ending. NO ONE revealed the ending. That's why the movie itself is careful not to let anyone in on the secret. You ruined it.
At any rate I loved the movie and the ending.

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