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Butterfly Effect: Revelation Movie Review

I just finished watching Butterfly Effect: Revelation on a Saturday afternoon. Having watched both the previous movies in the Butterfly Effect series, I think this third release, Butterfly Effect: Revelation is slightly better than The Butterfly Effect 2.

In a nutshell, the Butterfly Effect series focus on time traveling to alter the past which tends to have an adverse effect in the present. Butterfly Effect: Revelation tells the story of Sam Reide (Chris Carmack) who traveled back in time to help the police identify criminals. Things started to kick into high gear when Sam tried to save his murdered girlfriend Rebecca (Mia Serifino) from getting killed.

Butterfly Effect: Revelation is essentially a sci-fi horror movie which can be gory at times. There is a sex scene which I think the producers throw in just for the sake of appealing to the male demographic. And the climatic revelation near the end touched on the taboo subject of incest. So Butterfly Effect: Revelation is definitely not for the minors.

Butterfly Effect: Revelation Movie Trailer

If you like the previous Butterfly Effect movies then you will feel right at home with Butterfly Effect: Revelation. If you have never seen any of them before, there is a good chance that you will enjoy Butterfly Effect: Revelation if you like your horror movies mysterious and thought provoking. My Love For Life Movie review rating for Butterfly Effect: Revelation: 2.5/5

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