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Squashed Delivery Box: HLJ Edition

My cousin and mom helped me to pickup my parcel this afternoon (23/06/2009) from the post office. This is my first parcel that I bought from HobbyLink Japan or HLJ. Its just my luck that most of my parcels arrive dented in one way or another. But I have to admit that I am quite surprised at the prompt arrival of this package as I chose the cheapest and slowest delivery method which is Surface Air Lift or SAL. My package was shipped on 08/06/2009 and arrived on 23/06/2009 which is a total of 15 days.

This is the shipping label from HLJ. I am impressed that they incorporated the customs declaration form on it as well (in green). I especially like the standard wording imprinted on the label: Extremely Fragile! Handle with Care! Too bad most delivery personnel do not take note of these precautions.
Someone from the post office chopped this parcel with "Received In This Condition". But too bad there is no way to know which post office received this parcel in poor condition.
Another chop this time stating that this parcel has been cleared from the customs on 18/06/2009.
Side view of the parcel showing the damage done. Somebody must have placed a heavy load on my parcel. Even though the box is made out of sturdy paper, heavy loads exceeding the threshold of this box must have been stacked on top of it.
View from another side of the box. "Handle with Care" is clearly shown and in this case, clearly ignored too.
Things do not look too bad from this side of the box.
The actual unboxing begins. My order of HCM Pro Gundam models all three of them.
I am impressed by the packing done by HLJ. Inside the parcel box, my items are plastic wrapped. Lucky for me all of them are in great condition!

My HCM Pro Gundams out of the parcel box. Still wrapped in plastic.
HCM Pro Gundam Exia. I got it on promotion price.

Limited edition roll out color HCM Pro RX-78-2 Gundam and HCM Pro Gundam Dynames. In fact I got all 3 of them on promotion price.
Side view of my HCM Pro Gundams.
HLJ even included a hard cardboard in the plastic wrap for further protection.
I am very pleased with my first purchase from HLJ. I think my second order will arrive in about a week's time. My Love For Life Experience Review rating for my first HLJ purchase: 4/5

My Love For Life Review

4 Life quote shouts:

Borneo Falcon said...

Hey, That is Exia and Dynames. I like Dynames so far

Liggy said...

My goodness! Were the contents damaged? I hate when my packages come in squashed or resealed.

xsigns said...

Luckily the items were in good condition thanks to the packing method of HLJ. Say Liggy what items do you order in when your packages arrive damaged?

Liggy said...

When I notice a squashed item, normally it's electronics (gadgets or PC parts). I think because they often use a box bigger than the item when shipping. Even with the lack of extra padding, the item is in its own protective case or box so luckily they end up arriving ok. Just the fact that the shipping company can't take better care of the boxes going through is what irks me.

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