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Celine Dion: D'Elles Music Review

D'Elles is Celine Dion's latest album which is released on May 22, 2007. Celine Marie Claudette Dion Angelil (D.O.B. March 30, 1968) recorded D'Elles in 2006-2007.

D'Elles which means "From Them" in French will be completely in French. I have been waiting for so long for a new album from the vocal master Celine Dion. Here is the complete track listing of D'Elles:

  1. "Et S'il N'en Restait Qu'une (Je Serais Celle-là)"("And If There Were Only One Woman Left (I Would Be That One)")
  2. "Immensité"("Vastness")
  3. "À Cause"("Because")
  4. "Je Cherche l'Ombre"("I'm Looking For The Shade")
  5. "Les Paradis"("The Paradises")
  6. "La Diva"("The Diva")
  7. "Femme Comme Chacune"("Lady Like The Others")
  8. "Si J’étais Quelqu’un (Comme Les Autres)"("If I Was Someone (Like The Others)")
  9. "Je Ne Suis Pas Celle"("I'm Not The One")
  10. "Le Temps Qui Compte"("The Time That Counts")
  11. "Lettre De Georges Sand A Alfred De Musset"("Letter From Georges Sand To Alfred De Musset")
  12. "On S'est Aimé A Cause"("We Love Each Other Because")
  13. "Berceuse"("Lullaby")

D'Elles is full of technically skilled and powerful vocals by Celine Dion. My favorites in D'Elles include Et S'il N'en Restait Qu'une, Immensité, Je Cherche l'Ombre, Les Paradis, Femme Comme Chacune, Si J’étais Quelqu’un (Comme Les Autres), Je Ne Suis Pas Celle, On S'est Aimé A Cause and Berceuse.

D'Elles The Making of photoshoot


A Cause

My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 4/5

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