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Stomp The Yard Movie Review

Stomp The Yard was released in cinemas on January 12, 2007. Stomp The Yard stars Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Darrin Henson, Brian White, Harry Lennix, Valerie Pettiford, Meagan Good and Columbus Short.

Stomp The Yard is essentially a drama centering around dance sequences with a bit of romance thrown into the mix. The movie follows DJ, a 19 year old LA street dancer who bypassed juvenile hall through his enrollment in the Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. Stomp The Yard depicts DJ's triumphs and adversities on his path to get the girl of his dreams and to bring his campus fraternities into winning the national step show competition.

Stomp The Yard Trailer

Stomp The Yard Dance Montage

Stomp The Yard is a good movie to watch. The dance sequences are powerful and well choreographed.

My Love For Life Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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