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Elliott Yamin Music Review

Elliott Yamin is my favorite contestant on the fifth season of American Idol. He released his debut album Elliott Yamin on March 20, 2007. The album Elliott Yamin highlights Elliott's remarkable vocal talents in R&B.

Elliott Yamin's self titled album debuted on the U. S. Billboard chart at the 3rd stop, with 90,000+ copies sold in the first week. Elliott Yamin has proven his masterclass vocal talents in his soulful and R&B stylings. Here is the complete track listing of Elliott Yamin's delf titled debut album:

  1. "Movin' On"
  2. "Wait for You"
  3. "Find a Way"
  4. "One Word"
  5. "You Are the One"
  6. "I'm the Man"
  7. "Train Wreck"
  8. "Free"
  9. "Alright"
  10. "Take My Breath Away"
  11. "A Song for You"

My favorites in Elliott's album include Movin' On, Wait for You, Find a Way, One Word, Free, Take My Breath Away and A Song for You. Elliott Yamin has truly come a long way since his American Idol days.

Wait For You

A Song For You

Home (American Idol Performance)

My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 4/5

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