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Chris Daughtry: Daughtry Music Review

Christopher Adam "Chris" Daughtry is the fourth placed finalist on the fifth season (2006) of American Idol. Better known as Chris Daughtry (D.O.B. December 26, 1979), his self titled debut album Daughtry was released on November 21, 2006.

The album Daughtry has outsold all of his season 5 contestants' debut albums. Even before the finals of American Idol season 5, I knew Chris Daughtry is going to be the most successful and commercially viable artist of the lot. With his contemporary rocker styling, Chris Daughtry has proven his ability to rock the world of music in the Billboard charts.

There is the track listings of Chris Daughtry's successful debut album, Daughtry:

  1. "It's Not Over" - 3:35
  2. "Used To" - 3:32
  3. "Home" - 4:15
  4. "Over You" - 3:27
  5. "Crashed" - 3:31
  6. "Feels Like Tonight" - 4:01
  7. "What I Want" (featuring Slash) - 2:48
  8. "Breakdown" - 4:01
  9. "Gone" - 3:21
  10. "There and Back Again" - 3:15
  11. "All These Lives" - 3:24
  12. "What About Now" - 4:10

My favorites include It's not over, Used to, Home, Over you, Gone, There and back again and What about now.


It's not over

My Love For Life Music Review Rating: 4.5/5

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