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A Visit To The Dentist

I got one of my tooth split in 2 while chewing on one of my ma's pastries two days ago. Both parts of the tooth were still held in place by my gums but now I can only chew on one side of my mouth. I braced myself and decided to pay a visit to the dentistry department of the local polyclinic. Here is the chronological sequence of the trip:

8:15 AM - Arrived at the Dentistry Department at the General Hospital only to be diverted to the polyclinic for treatment.

8:35 AM - Arrived at the Dentistry Department of the polyclinic. The place was very crowded already.

From the photo you can see that almost all the seats at the waiting hall were occupied.

8: 40 AM - Managed to get myself registered at the registration counter.

The long queue at the registration counter.

9:15 AM - Got tired of just sitting and waiting so decided to take some photos of the place.

The water mineral pot was suppose to provide drinking water to waiting patients but too bad it was never filled with water.

Motivational posters and the yearly slogans for the department were hug around the hall for all to see.

A conveniently located reversed charge telephone for patients to use.

The clock in machine for the staffs at the Dentistry department.

10:25 AM - Finally got called in. Greeted the dentist who recognized me at first sight as I have been her patient for over a year already. She told me to sit in the inspection chair. After briefly examining my tooth she asked me whether I still want to keep it(my tooth) or not. I told her to advise me what to do. She told me she will remove the minor part that has split apart and gave me 2 tranquilizer shots. I was told to wait outside again.

10:50 AM - Got called back in. The dentist swiftly removed the split part of the tooth and gave me some bandages to bite on. While instructing her assistants to prepare the mixture for my temporary filling I got a chance to ask her a few questions. I asked her about whether or not I should get a bridge tooth( a false tooth put in place supported by the two neighboring teeth) and she told me it was better to keep the original tooth if the option was still viable. She added that I should not chew on the part of my mouth that she treated today.

I told her both sides of my teeth also had RCT(root canal treatment) done. So basically I cannot chew hard at all. She smiled and told me she has the same problem too. After patching my tooth up with temporary filling she told me to come again on the 15 of May 2007 11AM for the crowning procedure. The crowning procedure is to place a reinforced cap on top of the old tooth(like placing a crown on the head) as so to strengthen its structure.

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